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SPARC, Sales Pipeline and resource Capture, is our flagship product for the consulting industry. This product was initially developed for our in-house use and has now evolved into a unique product with various features.

Not only is it a repository of qualified professionals, it tracks all requirements, helps communicate with consultants, permits candidates to update their profiles automatically, gives visibility of all recruiters and sales people in the system. The Vendor Management System allows partners and approved vendors to submit candidates, and enables the customer to find the best candidate within a 24 hour turnaround.

Most of the products in market are either just job portals or performance tracking software. SPARC is both and more. Its various features can help mid-size organizations keep track of their resources, employees and their productivity. Daily access to performance reports helps track and increase productivity in the organization.

Having built the base product SPARC as part of the first phase, we are now working on enhancing the product with many new features. With the growing IT consulting sector, our key audience is the thousands of IT firms along with HR companies in the US.

SPARC can help companies capitalize the talent pool across the country, centralize requirements of the company where clients, vendors, recruiters, sales persons and candidates all coexist in the system and can communicate their needs and inputs through the system.

Client Testimonials

"BE has outsourced their complete Solution Center to West Coast Consulting for the last few years. This effort is being accomplished by an onsite and offshore team. We are very pleased with the service and quality they have provided to us and our customers. They have exhibited a level of professionalism and initiative that is refreshing."

Kathy Pearson
Senior VP IT, Business Engine.