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Enterprise data is scattered across a variety of disconnected systems including databases, Web sites, and files systems making it difficult to access and process data in a sane and orderly fashion. Organizations have tried to solve this problem by spending millions of dollars integrating disparate systems, yet current e-business applications fail to give executives the insight they need to make informed decisions. To compete in today's global economy, you must deliver timely and accurate information to your employees, customers, and partners. Integrating multiple applications and information sources and giving everyone access to what they need can be challenging and strain your IT budget.

With Oracle Portal you can build and securely manage a self-service portal to enable your community to collaborate. Oracle Application Server Portal gives you a complete and integrated portal framework to consolidate and provide secure access to all of your applications and information sources.

Our Portal Solutions allow you to:

  • Deploy web-based applications with a manageable and scalable IT architecture
  • Provide secure access to existing information no matter where it is
  • Support personalized views of information
  • Provide end-user self service content publishing
  • Satisfy the needs for a single point of access to Enterprise information, with a standardized user interface.
West Coast Consulting, LLC offers you the expertise to build a secure and stable portal framework to better serve your employees and customers, take advantage of your existing applications and information sources, and reduce your cost of doing business.
Company highlights