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WCC is a technology company and treats all its employees equally and with respect, irrespective of their Visa Status.

We have a simple philosophy. We think of immigration as one more thing we need to take care for our employees. We want our consultants to take care of our client’s Technology issues while we let our Attorneys and HR department take care of their immigration issues.

We want to build a firm with the best Technology consultants and in today’s world they can come from various countries. We hire folks from Canada on TN or H1B Visa’s from India, China, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, UK, Europe, Russia, Australia and even Greece.

Being a global company we understand that it is important that our immigration policy and procedures are clearly stated within the organization. It is extremely important for us that when our consultants or their loved ones are crossing borders across the world, coming to the US or going out, the last thing that they need to worry about is their immigration concerns. We want our consultants to worry about our client needs and how they can make our clients successful and allow us to worry about everything else. We have a team of multiple Law Firms in the US and across the world available to talk to our consultants any time they feel the need.

We have an HR Department that not only helps our consultants with all their immigration concerns but also helps their family members in these concerns. We have an excellent reputation with consulates in India, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Calcutta, Dubai, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, London, Vancouver and Toronto. When our consultants arrive at the consulates for their Visa stampings, the consulates are already aware about West Coast Consulting. Since they are already equipped with details about West Coast Consulting, LLC the Visa acquisition process is a seamless step for our consultants.

 When the respective family members of our consultants go for Visa stamping, our HR department interacts with them as well to  make sure they have all the documents required for them to be able to travel hassle free and be with their loved ones.

We sponsor Green Cards in US and Canada for our consultants who desire it. We understand that the Green Card application process is important and our HR department keeps our consultants well informed about each step of the process. Consultants are able to discuss and clarify all their concerns with our HR team or the attorneys as need be