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November 2007

Our CEO, Rajat Khurana, met with US Congressman John Campbell to press upon the urgency of immigration reforms and to share concerns regarding policy.

CEO, Rajat Khurana feels the US has enjoyed the status of being the top economy in the world for many years for multiple reasons. Its largely successful, leading edge organizations have consistently had talented individuals from across the world contributing to their continued success. To keep enabling this talent explosion from all over the world, the US has to have a consistent immigration policy so that educated professionals are able to contribute towards and reap the benefits of our progressive economy.

He strongly believes, an immigration policy which allows the best talent from across the world from different fields to come to the U.S.A , whether it be for higher education in our prestigious Universities or for further pursuing a career, will facilitate the integration of the world’s brightest into our vibrant society.

October 2007

West Coast Consulting, LLC named Orange County Business Journal: Fastest Growing Private Company 2007 - Top 25 Award.

July 2007

West Coast Consulting opens new location in Fairfax, Virginia to focus on federal government projects.

November 2006

West Coast Consulting expands operation, opening sales office in Toronto, Canada

November 2006

WCC has become Business Objects Partner.

June 2006

West Coast Consulting opens office in Tampa, Florida.

October 2005

West Coast Consulting starts working with Coca Cola, largest beverage company in the world, on their SAP implementation.

October 2005

Grand opening of new state of the art Development and Operations Center in New Delhi, India

October 2005

WCC gets involved with California Courts and their SAP implementation.

July 2005

West Coast Consulting signs another Oracle Applications Remote Support Project with Willamette Dental.

February 2005

WCC starts working with utilities company EMWD for their technology projects.

December 2004

WCC signs another one more Remote Application Support client, Myriad Genetics.

December 2004

West Coast Consulting signs long term support contract with Chicago Public Schools.

December 2004

West Coast Consulting signs long term support contract with Chicago Transport Authority

May 2004

West Coast Consulting partners with KPMG Bearing Point to implement SAP HR for Gwinnett County.

April 2004

WCC becomes preferred partner with LAUSD.

February 2004

West Coast Consulting signs another Remote Application Support project with TRM Corp.

February 2004

West Coast Consulting starts working with Nestle.

January 2004

West Coast Consulting pioneers in Recruitment Process Outsourcing, opens new office in Chennai India.

December 2003

West Coast Consulting acquires Remote Application Support Client, Troon Golf.

June 2003

YMCA becomes our client.

Feb 2003

WCC wins another Remote Application Support Project with High-Tech manufacturing company in Southern California.

Dec 25th 2001

West Coast Consulting moves to new location at Newport Beach, CA. Our office is at 1400 Quail Street, Newport Beach CA 92660

April 2001

West Coast Consulting gets another offshore project, to work with Business Engine.



Rajat Khurana & Congress Man John Campbell


Rajat Khurana & Assemblyman Krekorian
Rajat Khurana receving Minority Technology Company of the Year 2007-2008
Information technology and Consulting Firm awarded Technology Company of the Year.


Rajat Khurana @ MBEC